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Local Leicester engraved photo gifts store full service. Computerised and handmade engraving store operating in Leicestershire. We offer wide variety of buy a gift services such as custom photo gifts engraving: ID tag photo gifts, keyring photo gifts, personalised photo gifts, personalised photo gifts for men, valentine's day gifts ideas, fathers day gifts, mothers day gifts and many more personalised gifts for any occasion.
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laptop repair leicesterBuy a gift for your love, family member or any other person you care about!
Photo gifts Add your photo and get a beautiful engraved ID tag.
operating systems we work on 3 Payments options Buy a gift form Ebay, Amazon or straight form our Paypal.

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It doesn't matter from where you buy our gift, Ebay, Amazon or straight form paypal we send our engraved photo gifts free of charge with means we don't just have the cheapest price of the best possible quality engraving in UK, but we also don't charge you for delivery.
73% Of our photo gifts we sell on Ebay. It's the best option if you like to make your payment tough big store.
11% We understand not many people have Ebay account so you can buy a gift form Amazon too.
16% That many people help us avoid all charges form big stores where we pay every time sombody buy our photo gifts.

software repair leicesterStep I: Check a photo gifts products on the bottom pictures. When you buy a gift you need specify on what kind of tag you want me to engrave presents, pendant or keyring, landscape or portrait.

hardware repair leicesterStep II: After purchase just send me a email. Find best quality picture: close face, good light with high pixels (best more than 600x600px so we can crop it to best look on tag. Typical info I need: In title write transaction ID( Paypal ID #345735475) as a message: keyring, portrait, post address(if you buy straight form Paypal), add text: Happy Birthday!! and as a attachment add photo. If you buy a gift from Ebay, after purchase send me a private message with photo or simply send a email.

Buy from Paypal or Ebay. By buying form paypal you can help us avoid lots of charges.
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network repair leicesterThank you for such a quick and efficient response. My husband and I received a engraved photo gifts from our wedding pictures. We absolutely love it. Anyone who sees is can’t help but comment on its beauty. This is a memory that will last us a lifetime. We love that every time we look at either piece we are brought back to that special day. Thank you so much for crafting these wonderful present. I tell all of our friends about you.

Very good level of service, explain everything in layman terms not technical language. Overall very happy with service received, would recommend to all business users even if my present was not the expensive one (but definitely most beautiful and only one personalised).

A 48 hour turnaround from handing my order in for buy a gift. Really fast.

I just wanted to drop you a quick line after a buy a gifts and say how delighted I am with the pendant. They are such good quality - can't wait for boyfriend to get them! I am also bowled over with the service we've had from you on this job. From helping us to choose the style of ornaments through to managing so many sets of details with 100% accuracy during such a tight production timeframe... I really am chuffed to bits. THANK YOU!

The team have been extremely helpful and understanding during so many question of my new keyring. The support is always there even at weekends. And no job, no matter how small, is too much for them.

Excellent technical skills, very reasonably priced, good product knowledge and most important of all a superb customer service. Thoroughly recommended.

Top quality tag. It is a photographic printing effect engraved onto metals. Artwork should be provided with the same black and white effects. Nickel plated metal surfaces get the best result. Unlimited engraving with any text and photo gifts you would like, but please be aware when you buy a gift the more you have text the smaller the text will be and in my opinion the worse the item looks. Ideal text is 5 lines of 12 characters. Photo gifts is better with close face. As a personalised gifts I can engrave a logo onto the tags for you. I can also engrave best quality gifts for men like your favorite football, cricket, rugby, hockey, or any other sports teams logo with personalised gifts (photo form what you send me by email) gifts for men like car logos, Ford, Vauxhall, BMW, Porshe, Ferrari, or any other make. Gifts for her - any perfume logo. baby gifts - Simpsons, Cartoon Characters American Dad, Family Guy etc. Personalised gifts is always welcome for anniversary gifts ideas, valentines day ideas, wedding anniversary, fathers day, mothers day, gifts for men, anniversary gifts, mothers day gifts, gift ideas for men, wedding gifts, gifts for her, baby gifts, christening gifts, fathers day gifts, wedding anniversary gifts and many many more!!

When you’re looking to buy a gift in internet, start by searching for one of our best partners on ebay. You don’t want to take your photo gifts with low quality and wait days or sometimes even weeks to get it back if you need it up and running right away. It can cost you more for a buy a gift from a producer service like jewellery shop to do an onsite but if you were working on an important day and time is of the essence, the added expense could be not worth it. A lot many gift shops also offer customised accessories for men. Another gift items like crystal balls, knives, wallets, valets, flasks as well as T-shirts are also some of the widely popular gift items for men.A lot many prefer giving Celtic cross necklaces and Celtic knot cufflinks as birthday gifts. Apart from the traditional gifts, you can also think of giving unique gifts for men. A gift need not always come wrapped in colorful papers. It is the amount of love and care that matters. By giving a ticket to the concert or going together for a movie show can also be a good gift idea sometimes. So, present a unique gift and let your gifts be remembered for the special thought and care you put into them! Of course there are times when a shop is beyond a quick fix and it might need to be sent out for repairs. If you want photo gifts cheap and on time. Despite the fact that we all know we should regularly check for best internet stores for best deal, many of us do. We just don’t expect our buy a gift to be less valuable to our friend. But if something does go wrong it can be upsetting to turn your photo gifts over to a perfect stranger. It’s important to find a good internet store company that is going to be reliable at protecting the customer on his guarantee as well as your privacy.

The list of ideal gifts for men goes on. As before, finding a good gift for men is not tiresome, because there are lot many online stores that offer assistance on searching men's gift. They enlist various gift items and unique gift ideas and categorically list the gifts for various occasions. You can even sort out these gifts according to the interest of the person, price range as well as according to its type.Only thing one has to do is to click on to various online stores and check for various items he or she intends to gift. From poker to slot machines, billiards to personalised gifts there are enormous gifts that are available on these sites at quite an affordable price. You will also discover unique gift ideas for sports enthusiasts, wine lovers and people who are fond of cigar.Sometimes you can also find some lovely gifts for men which you can gift on their birthdays, Christmas day or on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. Perfumes, wine bottles and even bouquets of fresh flowers can be given as a present. If you learn what your love, friend or family member needs to be taken in for buy a gift ask about how long it will take to get a product what you want. Some internet shops can take as long as one to two weeks to get your presents to you. You really shouldn’t have to wait more than a few days and most jobs will only take a few hours unless they have to ship it out. This can make a significant difference in how long it takes for you to get your photo gifts. If you can’t wait your product for a few days you may need to shop around. Our online store offer a 14 day guarantee while another may provide as much as 30 day guarantee on their work. So if your photo gifts have scratches that come form production or any different problems you think come form our store please do not hesitate to contact us for return address. However we do not replace your product if that come form low quality photo or bad spelling of a text you want add. You’ll find that most buy a gift shops services are skilled at what they do. Getting one that you can rely on to do the job properly will definitely contribute to the long life of your photo gifts.

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